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HEY FELLOWS  Today, this blog gonna help you to know everything about the novel coronavirus ( COVID-19 ). I just felt to write this blog so that everyone of us can have actual knowledge of COVID-19 in detail. source :- today we see everywhere people talking about coronovirus but do we really know it? lets go ahead and know it in detail... WHAT IS CORONAVIRUS  ?? So coronovirus is infectious disease caused by new virus, it seems like flu and represent the symptoms as that of common flu like fever, cough, throat pain,diarrhea,headache and importantly difficulty in breathing (shortness of breath) HOW IT IS NAMED (covid-19)  ?? Covid-19 is a abbrevation for The coronavirus disease of 2019 which was termed by the WHO in a press release on feb 11, 2020. HOW CORONA CAME INTO EXISTENCE  ?? According to Research and Study   the first case of coronavirus was found at Wuhan ,a city in China .and it is assumed to be originated in bat a

Social Media: GOOD or BAD

Hey beautiful fellows , after a long study and little break I came up with the blog that we will see right away which will tells us social media's positive and negative effects. I have already written one blog on social media but it was related to social media abuse and how to overcome it but this one is kinda different like you will know after this blog like how and how much you should use those social apps. We will see the positive sides first and will list out some points                           reference :-   (thanks) Everyone loves Positivity and good things to be heard so let me go by that way (lol..) 1.  The most heard message “ Social media connects us ” Yes, definitely it connects us with our relatives as well as with the other peoples  who stay far away from us. I remember one of my relative who lives in Australia and he always use to call on festivals like we can say two times a year because it really

How To Overcome Social Media Abuse

Hey Superstar ✨                      Today I'm back with something that most people have experienced " Cyber harassment", Cyberbullying is most common in our social media age. One day me and my Best friend was live on his instagram account and suddenly some people started to give curse to him and on his insta feed they were posting abusive comments and after reading all those he felt so low, so down, exhausted and extremely sad I've ever seen. He told me he is not able to sleep as he close his eyes his mind shows all those negative comments and abusive words he read and make him feel worse, So I started to study those peoples, their lifestyle, their behaviour, observing their posts and stories. And when I observed them carefully I came up with heart shattering results which I would love to share through this post and apart I want to help people like my best friends who are suffering from such online harassment/bullying act .                                  

How To Improve Personality

Today we gonna talk about  body language , You know what it is??? yes developing our personality ( lol )okay fine enough, Let me tell you it is more than a Physical appearance like how you stand , You  Behave , Your  body   gestures ,  position of your hands  and much more. At certain age period, Everyone  fears   for personality development and searches for personality development tips. But allow me to tell you something, You know everyone   has its own  qualities and functionality which make him/her different than other human being and unique as well. You know   There were times when I use to think how can I have good personality and make impact on surroundings then I started to research,I started to read books about self-development, went through many articles and searched on YouTube for videos and applied those methods in my day to day life and measured the result and then came up with conclusion which works and which doesn't. As everyone wants to develop a good pers

How to Boost Your Confidence

Hello Beautiful peopleđź’–                                       It's a pleasure to write this blog for you. Today I've got something beautiful for all of you which is quite helpful and interesting. You know our body postures that we hold all the day, Affects our day to day life and decides our most of stimulus and mood.                 But  w hat kind of body posture I'm talking about? Let's say for example you are in conversation with person, You are standing in front him/her with arms cross over the chest (i.e. Defensive body language) It show you are not interested in conversation and you are just defending or protecting yourself from whatever the conversation is. Or let's say nail biting (i.e. Insecurity, Nervousness), Tapping the fingers (i.e. Tired of waiting), Locked ankles(maybe you are standing or seated, It represents nervousness) and many more postures... You know our body language represents us more than we represent our self verbally .   

How to hack someones pc

Hello beautiful peopleđź’—                                                                            Welcome, Today we gonna see how we can hack into someone's computer and gain full access (It's kind request to all of you that before you do any kind of hacking, read the cyber laws because it's illegal and against law so before you do you must know all the cyber laws)       Hacking is still favorite part of many computer professionals and many people. You can use this to know your children's activities or girlfriend/boyfriend's (okay part of joke.) But Hacking is quite interesting you know (But still serious on the above warning). There are different types of hacker. I will not go so deep which type of they are and what they really do. I will give you brief just because I want you to know something about them and then we will focus on our main topic. There are many types of hackers, We will see white - hat and black-hat hacker. As their name says their